Auto-Closing Gixen Snipe Window Addon

A Script for Greasemonkey to Close the Autosnipe Window once your snipe has been placed.

The window will close 10 seconds after the snipe has been set.

1) Install Greasemonkey if you don’t have it

2) Copy this code below into a text file called autosnipe-close.user.js save it to desktop and drag it into firefox to install.

// ==UserScript==
// @name Gixen - Close Autosnipe Wndow after Snipe Set
// @namespace AutoSnipe
// @include
// ==/UserScript==
var dValue = document.forms[0].elements[0].value;
var x = 10;
window.changeX = function(){

document.forms[0].elements[0].value= dValue + "\nClosing Window in " + x + " secs.";
window.setTimeout(changeX, 1000);

if(dValue == "View My Account")
window.setTimeout('window.close()', 11000);
window.setTimeout(changeX, 1000);


eBay Gixen Autosnipe Auction Sniper Addon for Firefox 2014

Autosnipe is a FireFox addon to allow you to snipe directly from the eBay page using the gixen sniping services. eBay Gixen Autosnipe Auction Sniper! Makes Gixen Auction Sniper, Just one click away. Pre-fills username, password and item number, just enter your maximum bid, wait for gixen to send your bid in the closing moments of the auction.

eBay Gixen Autosnipe Auction Sniper

Autosnipe is current Working these eBay domains as of 08/2014

Current Greasemoneky Addon Features (only)
* Auto-Closing Gixen Snipe Window Addon (due to userscript closing down these have to be added manually)

Update Log 2014
* Resolves multiple snipe button showing, one snipe button per page
* Allows for storing of password or left bank for manual input into gixen

Issues that are pending fix, known bugs:
* show up on buy it now and completed un-snipeable auctions

eBay sites not working with Autosnipe due to a different layout

Join the Autosnipe Gixen Community on Facebook, it only a minute to try Autosnipe, and a 1 second to Like and is Free

3 Reasons to try: Autosnipe is Fast, Gixen is Free and OpenSSL is Safe Again after Heartbleed

If you would like to make feature/support request please ask.

Enjoy eBay Auto-Sniping,
Keith Hopkins (Autosnipe)

Guide to Installing Greasemonkey with Firefox

Before you install Greasemonkey Addon you need to install the Greasemonkey plugin for Firefox

1) Goto click on “Add to Firefox”

2) Wait for the add-on download to finish, after that Close Firefox then Restart Firefox. you have now installed Greasemonkey now your ready to install Greasemonkey Addons.